IIAG’s Fall Conference – What You and I Missed

My post last week dealt with what I learned at IIAG’s Fall Conference in Macon earlier this month about the E&O exposure of agents (click here for that post).  This week I thought I would talk about what I missed by not being able to be in two places at once.  As I noted last week, the other main emphasis in the programming at the conference was on how to use social media, the internet, and other digital programs and gadgets to help your agency grow its book of business.  There were four separate programs on various aspects of this topic.

As I learned later, the big news in this area was the successful launch of a new functionality for the consumer website portion of Project CAP, known as TrustedChoice.com.  It is now possible for consumers who visit that website to not only locate an agent near them, but to also obtain quotes on coverages offered by the six charter carriers of Project CAP: Safeco, Selective, State Auto, Westfield, Central Insurance Company and Main Street America Group. At this time, Georgia is one of only four states for which this new quoting service is available.  It is scheduled to be available  in all the other states by the end of next summer and additional carriers, both national and regional in scope, will begin offering quotes through this website in the future.  For more information on Project Cap and how your agency can participate in it click here.

Digital technology is here to stay and agencies that do not take advantage of what it can do to improve their marketing and office procedures will fall behind.  For those agencies that don’t know where to start or that have made an initial attempt and want to do more, IIAG has a program, Agents Go Digital, that can offer you guidance and other assistance in establishing an online presence for your agency and then using that presence to market your agency’s services and increase its book of business.   Click here for an explanation of the services offered and their cost.

Finally, for those of you who are interested in what the future holds, the Agents Council on Technology (“ACT”) recently held a webinar on that topic hosted by Judy DeLaRosa, chair of ACT’s Strategic Future Issues Work Group.  If you want to try to get in front of the curve, this webinar offers a look into the future of technology in the insurance industry.  It can be accessed by clicking here.